About Us

Founding History:
Elsa England was a lifetime educator, teaching at both the elementary and secondary level at Round Rock ISD and various other school districts around Texas and in New Jersey. Elsa England was born in New Jersey to German immigrants who only spoke German. When she started school in the first grade, she also had to learn a new language – English, but she never saw it as a barrier.

Ms. England graduated from High School in Trenton, New Jersey and received her Bachelor’s degree from New Jersey State Teacher’s College in 1934. She began teaching in 1934 in New Jersey but her husband Ken England, who was a native Texan, said the winters were too cold and in 1937 he brought Elsa to Texas, something we are all grateful for.

She taught at several school districts across the state including South San Antonio ISD, Campbellton ISD, Brazosport ISD and Angleton ISD before coming to Round Rock ISD. She taught at Central Elementary in Round Rock ISD starting in 1973 and later on served as a counselor at Round Rock High School, where her daughter Ruth graduated.

She also worked in Special Education in Round Rock ISD as well as other school districts before retiring in 1979 with 45 years of service to New Jersey and Texas school children.

School Colors: Silver, Gold, and Navy.

School Mascot: Leopards

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